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Autoimmune & Infectious Diseases – IIFT

  •   Cultured cells, tissue sections or purified antigens in the same test field
  •   Combination of substrates treated with different kinds of fixatives in the same test field
  •   Ideal for high-throughput and multiplex testing
  •   Optimum standardization: more individual tests from one tissue section
  •   Selective presentation of diagnostically relevant structure
  •   Extreme miniaturization of IFA test systems
  •   Combination of different/differently fixed substrate in one test field
  •   Biochips located at defined position in the test field – no searching required
  •   Biochip mosaics for antibody profiles
  •   No exchange of microscope slides necessary for complete diagnosis
  •   Tissues covalently bound to glass slides: no detachment + better preservation of tissue structure
  •   Huge flexibility regarding number of test fields
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About the product

Biochip Technology

EUROIMMUN has formulated a unique method, similar to the one used by the electronics industry in manufacturing electronic microchips.Cover glasses are coated with cells, tissue sections or other biological substances , machine cut to milimeter sized fragments (Biochips) . The Biochips are then glued onto a slide using a computer-controlled device.

Range of Infectious IIFT Products

  •   Bacteria
  •   Parasites
  •   Viruses
  •   BIOCHIP Mosaics™ for Infectious Serology
  •   Fungus


Easy handling

Simultaneous start of all reactions

Drops don‘t spill over – no cross contamination

Identical conditions during incubation

No evaporation of liquid – no humidity chamber necessary

Fast analysis and fast results

Other Advantages

  •   Worldwide largest variety of test systems
  •   Fully automated production guarantees stable quality
  •   Reagents are ready to use and exchangeable between test kits
  •   Preincubated slides available for training
  •   Customized slides for IFA (Biochip combinations)

Range of Autoimmune IIFT Products:

  •   Endocrinopathies
  •   Neuropathies
  •   ANCA
  •   Kidney/Lung
  •   Liver
  •   Stomach/Intestine
  •   Skeletal Muscle/Heart
  •   Skin
  •   Cell Nuclei (ANA)
  •   Mitochondria (AMA)
  •   Smooth Muscle (ASMA)
  •   Basic Profiles (ANA, AMA, ASMA)
  •   Endomysium/Gliadin