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EUROPattern Microscope

Key facts

  •   Pattern recognition ANA, ANCA Crithidia, EUROPLUS and transfected cells for individual as well as mixed patterns, including titer designation.
  •   Automated microscopy and state-of-the-art result evaluation at the PC screen of over 50 different substrates.
  •   Fast, automatic processing of up to 500 (or 1,000) analysis positions successively – up to 100 fields in only 1 hour
  •   Automatic identification of slides via matrix codes
  •    Pencilless entry of findings and consolidation of results for each patient
  •   Ocular-free microscopy at the screen: dark chamber no longer needed
  •   Archiving of images and results
  •   Complete integration into existing laboratory software via EUROLabOffice
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