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Automated Multiplate ELISA Processor

Key facts

  •   Automation of all EUROIMMUN ELISA, including the allergy system AllercoatTM.
  •    Over 900 validated parameters available (60 auto-antibodies, 100 infections and 740 allergy parameters).
  •    7 microtiter plates can be loaded at the start.
  •   Unusually short loading time.
  •    High convenience through use of barcode identification.
  •   Reloading function for patient samples, microtiter plates, reagents and disposable tips.
  •   ‘Walk-away function’ – fully automated from start to the end of processing, following loading.
  •   Own processor, independent of external IT system, guaranteeing against risk of system crashes.
  •   Bidirectional online connection to laboratory computer system.